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I think I’m super hot and smart when really I’m white trash like my mom looking for hand outs!Let’s me know if your over the hill and want to [email protected]!There’s also a video of her letting her deceased friends boyfriend do lines of molly off her boobs.No respect for this sleezy broad THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’d like to finally introduce you to the most disgusting thing to walk around Kingston.THE DIRTY ARMY: this sleezy ho3 has slept with numerous guys old and young to get her next fix.

She has targeted her employers, falsely accusing them (yes plural, she has done this on multiple occasions and at different jobs) of sexual misconduct and in the last few weeks even went as far as claiming rape.THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl has been all over San Antonio she got around with different guys at Wells Fargo and I’m sure she is doing the same at her new job she flaunt her nasty a55 tits like they are God’s gift to her but they are disgusting she has a twin sister who seems well off too bad Dalia can’t be the same.She works her way up in the world by sleeping with guys and does anything to get her way she trys to act little and inncocent but I’ve done her raw before and she’s told me her kinkiest desires she was so loose that another guy at work said he had her a few weeks before.She is known to ruin relationships and mess around with guys who have girlfriends.Her pu55y is loose and my homie said it smells like fish.

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Each of these cases were her attempts at easy pay days where she tried blackmailing the men in her life.

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  1. I try really hard not to be dismissive of conversations about how Black women feel about this particular interracial pairing, and I am definitely not trying to be dismissive of the fact that there are power dynamics in play when it comes to why white men and Black women don't pair up in the same numbers.