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In a 2010 interview with Playboy (via The Huffington Post), Mayer likened sex with Simpson to “crack cocaine.” He even called her “sexual napalm” that he wanted to “snort.” It was quite the interview, and he went on to apologize later.Unfortunately, Simpson still can’t forgive and forget.Whatever happened in their past though, it would appear that these two exes are on good terms.In fact, they ran into each other recently, while Perry was on a date with her current boyfriend, Orlando Bloom. Whether of not this relationship resulted in Swift‘s song, “Dear John,” or not, Mayer and Swift’s romance was arguably his biggest tabloid relationship to date.John Mayer performs onstage during an i Heart Radio concert held at the i Heart Radio Theater on Wednesday night (October 24) in Burbank, Calif.While on stage during the question and answer session, John was speaking about his own reputation and said, “I was thinking about reputation...” This made one fan scream in excitement as ), "Not the album, but it’s fine.He has quite the reputation in Hollywood for dating some of the biggest celebrities in the world, yet usually ends up looking like the bad-guy when the relationship ends.

When asked about what her ex had said, she replied, “I don’t want people to know how I am in bed,” according to the Daily Mail.In fact, they started dating only nine months after Simpson divorced her first husband, Nick Lachey.This was another on-and-off relationship for Mayer, but it did result in a low moment for him.Mayer and Perry began dating in 2012, and had an on-and-off romance for the next two years.It was very well documented in the tabloids, especially when the general public were rooting for them the couple to stay together.

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